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The Lead Station Turns the Tables On Family Tea Time

One of the most dreaded questions asked every day must be “What’s for tea?”. With increasingly fast-paced lives and less time to cook, Mums and Dads are faced with the daily challenge of figuring out how to feed their kids good quality, homecooked food, which doesn’t cost the earth. And as nearly half of UK families don’t eat together, tea- time isn’t what it used to be.

Family-friendly restaurant in Chorlton, The Lead Station, still believes in the great family mealtime and has decided to help families sit down and enjoy a few precious moments together. So, they’re launching a unique family tea offer. From 23rd April, the whole family can share a classic dish such as lasagne, fish pie or chilli, served with a side dish. It will happily feed a family of four or five, all for just £15.

Nick de Sousa of The Lead Station knows how hectic family life can be: “We want to get families back to the table. We know how manic weekdays can be, juggling work and children can mean that families often don’t get time to sit down together and talk about their day. So we’ve put together this offer to make their lives easier. It isn’t just for Mums & Dads either. Grandparents and other family members often pick up the children from school and we think its a great offer for them too. They are dishes that the family can tuck into together – without the hassle of making it and doing the dishes afterwards!’ In the survey, even though a large number of families didn’t sit down together to eat, they did recognise the importance of this daily event. In fact, 97% that eating together could help families to communicate and could strengthen relationships. Nick agrees: “We love to see families eating together in The Lead Station - you can tell that they see it as a special time and they always seem to find plenty to talk about!”