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All South Manchester Royal Bank Of Scotland Branches To Close By Mid November

All South Manchester Royal Bank Of Scotland Branch
All South Manchester Royal Bank Of Scotland Branch

All branches of The Royal Bank Of Scotland in South Manchester, including Chorlton, will close my Mid November 2018

There are currently branches of RBS in Chorlton, West Didsbury, Withington and Heaton Chapel, but under plans announced earlier this year, all will close by 22nd November 2018.

The Chorlton branch will close on the 15th August, followed by Heaton Chapel on 22nd August, West Didsbury on 15th November and Withington on 22nd November.

Given the relative difficulty of visiting a Royal Bank branch following the South Manchester closures, you may want to consider your options.

If you have to remain with RBS then it's useful to know you can complete many banking options at any Post Office counter.

You are able to pay in and withdraw cash, along with depositing cheques using a paying in slip and your bank card and pin.

If you're in a position to move, then the process for current accounts is simple thanks to the new 7 day switch guarantee, and may even get you a new customer bonus.

Chorlton's small businesses may want to consider the convenience that a bank with a local branch will offer them and take the more complicated steps to vote with their feet.

The biggest question for Chorlton locals after the closure is, will the junction of Barlow Moor Road and Wilbraham Road still be known as 'four banks'?