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Mary & Archie

Mary & Archie

Bar, Restaurant in Chorlton

tel: 0161 282 2795

An independent bar and restaurant, serving good food, ales and cocktails.

Croma Pizza

Croma Pizza

Restaurant in Chorlton

tel: 0161 881 1117

One of a small (currently 4 with 3 in Manchester) independent chain of pizza restaurants. A lively and stylish setting combined with reasonable prices and the freshest ingredients go to make Croma Chorlton a great pizza restaurant.

The Lead Station

The Lead Station

Restaurant, Bar in Chorlton

tel: 0161 881 5559

Restaurant/Bar/Cafe, The Lead Station, opened in 1995, serves honest classic and innovative food and drink to an eclectic and fiercely loyal clientele from across Manchester and beyond.