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Alphabet Brewing Co.

Bar in Chorlton

Alphabet Brewing Co.

Postal address:

  • 127 Manchester Rd
  • Chorlton
  • Manchester
  • M21 9PG

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The Alphabet Brewing Company have been selling their beers in Manchester and beyond for several years now.

You may have spotted the distinctive tap badges and artworking of Nick Hamilton (Hammo) in bars and pubs around town.

Alphabet Chorlton is the first time ABC have opened a permanent site to sell their own range of beers, and so on tap you can find more than the usual range you might get in other locations.

A to the K, Flat White, Hoi Palloi, Charlie don't surf to name but a few are available in the small and cosy site on Manchester Road.

The walls are covered in more Hammo artwork to enjoy while you sip on your beer.

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